Updated: May 21

What is Cardio?

Cardio is basically anything that increases your heart rate and gets your blood pumping.

It can be high or low intensity. The exercises I have listed below are considered high intensity.

How Often Should you do Cardio Workouts?

I would suggest having a balance between both cardio and strength training workouts. If you exercise 5 days a week, alternate 2 upper body/cardio & core, 2 lower body strength training days and 1 cardio day.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

1. Helps muscular endurance - Increases your body's ability to work and the number of repetitions you can do without needing rest.

2. Helps cardiovascular endurance - You will be able to maintain high-intensity exercise for longer by improving your body's consumption of oxygen.

3. The heart works more efficiently - regularly causing the heart to increase blood flow will cause the chambers of the heart to adapt and be able to hold and pump more blood around the body with each beat, ultimately taking the strain off your heart and slowing your resting heart rate.

4. You burn more calories - Workouts that require your body to consume more oxygen burn more energy and more calories during and after a workout.

5. Makes you feel amazing - It is due to chemicals in your body called endorphins that are released during and after a workout, making you feel energized and euphoric. That's why regular exercise can lead to lower levels of depression, fatigue, and stress. And why I have always said, "working out is my drug/therapy".

How to Use These Exercises in a Workout

For a cardio specific workout pick 5 - 6 exercises and do 30 - 60 seconds of work and 15 - 30 seconds rest x 3 - 4 rounds. I like to use 60/30

For upper body/cardio & core workouts pick 2 exercises. Here is an example of how to structure the workout,

  • 2 cardio exercises (from below)

  • 2 upper body strength exercises

  • 2 core exercises

  • Interval: 30 – 60 seconds (or 10 - 20 repetitions)

  • Rest: 15 - 30 seconds

  • Rounds: 3 - 4

Equipment needed, Timer app

1. Burpee jack

2. Broad jump with jumping jacks back

5. 6 mountain climbers to a standing position

4. 3 hops + squat

5. 6 mountain climbers to standing position

6. Burpee to double jump

7. High knees

8. Lateral hops

9. Everest climbers

10. Broad jump to push up

Always talk to your doctor before you start or modify your exercise routine.