Updated: May 15

A lot of the time our glutes are inactive from sitting, driving, etc... Glute activation gets your glutes fired up, making the connection from your mind to your muscle. When doing strength building exercises that require more than one muscle group it's hard to focus on just one muscle at a time. By activating prior you have already established that mind-muscle connection. Glute activation also strengthens the muscles helping with hip stability, functionality, and preventing injury.

With these exercises you want to use a lighter resistance; band or body weight and higher reps. Make sure to take your time and feel the muscles working. Always squeeze and pause at the top.

Pick 2 exercises from the list below and complete 15 - 20 reps 1 - 2 times before starting your workout.

1. Band hip thrust

Keep tension on the band, pause and squeeze at the top

2. Band reverse hypers

Pause and squeeze glutes at the top

3. Band single leg bridge

Keep weight in your heel, pause and squeeze at the top

4. Band donkey kicks with a pulse

Keep back flat and core tight

5. Band squat kickbacks

Keep constant tension on the band. Slow and controlled kickback 

6. Band squat, leg lifts

Feet wide enough to keep constant tension on the band

7. Band seated abduction

Think about contracting your glutes as you abduct

8. Band deadlift with kickback

Keep back flat, using your glutes to pull you up

9. Band hydrant kickback combo

Keep your back flat and core tight

10. Band lying leg lifts

Don't let your leg drop all the way down

11. Band Clam

Press your heels together and keep tension on the band

12. Band leg raise

Slight bend in your knee, keep tension on the band at the bottom

13. Band straight leg kickback

Keep your back flat, core tight and tension on the band

14. Band hydrant with pause halfway

Keep back flat, core tight and tension on the band