Updated: May 14

As you may know, I'm obsessed with glute training. Well, training in general, but glutes are my favourite body part to train. There are so many exercises and variations you can do, but you always want to include those foundation exercises that are most effective at building muscle. After you have structured your workout around those then you can add your activation and isolation exercises.

For me, my workout goes a little like this.. 1 - 2 activation exercises, 3 - 4 foundation/building exercises, (sometimes I will keep it original or switch it up with a variation) and 1 - 2 isolation exercises. Sometimes I will also add a plyometric like some type of jump squats or pop squat.

My glute training frequency is usually 2 - 3 workouts each week. I make sure to rest those muscles for at least 1 - 2 days between sessions. I particularly like to keep a high rep range. Usually, I will do anywhere from 12 - 25 reps with minimal rest, about 30 seconds. l also keep the weight in my heels, squeezing and pausing at the top of the movement.

When choosing what weight to use you always want to pick a weight you can control with proper form and feel the muscle connection. If the weight is too heavy you will just be going through the motions using your more dominant muscles like quads and lower back never really getting that pump. To me glute training isn't about lifting heavy it's more about focusing on the muscle and feeling the contraction on every rep and then as you get stronger with those exercises you can add more weight keeping everything above in mind.

Below are my top 10 foundation glute building exercises that I try to include in some variation each week.

1. Barbell glute bridge

2. Barbell or dumbbell band Single leg hip thrust

3. Barbell or dumbbell sumo squat

4. Barbell or dumbbell, band squat kickback

5. Barbell or dumbbell, band hip thrust

6. Barbell or dumbbell Bulgarian split squat

7. Barbell or dumbbell, band curtsy lunge

8. Barbell or dumbbell, band side lunge

9. Barbell or dumbbell reverse lunge variations

10. Barbell or dumbbell deadlift

I hope you found this helpful :)