Ready to Workout Like Me?

My Mission 

I love fitness and sharing with the world everything that has helped me on my journey thus far. In my programs, I share all the workouts and exercises that I do daily/weekly and have been most effective in getting me the results that I have today. My hope is that I inspire and encourage you to live a fitter, happier healthier lifestyle through daily exercise by providing you with fun effective workouts that you can enjoy. I also believe fitness not only changes your body but also has a positive impact on your mind. 


This lifestyle is about more than meets the eye. 

My Journey

My fitness journey started almost 10 years ago and has seen many stages along the way and no doubt will see many more. The first stage in my fitness journey consisted of nothing but concentration bicep curls, LOL. Don't ask! The next stage was again lots of upper body with no real plan just to get as big as possible. I think at that point I even had dreams of competing as a bodybuilder. Fast forward a few years on my bodybuilding mission, I was finally training a lot heavier and with a lot more structure, so I thought. I soon realized that life was not for me and I didn't feel comfortable or happy with my body and amount of muscle I had put on and where. I spent almost a year feeling completely lost and unsure how I was going to even go about continuing to workout without getting even bigger. At that point I also knew the benefits of working out was doing a lot more for me than just the physical changes, It helped me stay grounded and on the right path. So after a year of muscle atrophy (muscles waste away), I needed the structure of the gym back in my life and was ready for a new approach. I started working on my curves and proportions something I hadn't done in the past. I had never even had a booty pump! Every lower body session had been about bigger quads. This was all new to me and back in 2015 before the big " BOOTY MOVEMENT" took over the world. With endless research and trial and error fast forward to today, I enjoy every single one of my workouts and how they have shaped my body.



There are no regrets just lessons learned, am I right? 


 Client Feedback

As you can see from the thread below, I've had the honor of helping so many amazing women on their fitness journeys. From Bikini competitors, lifestyle, lose muscle, build muscle, beginner, and advanced I'm thankful every day for all of you that choose me and my programs. 


There's a place for everyone in fitness!